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ISO-Profil filler strips


  • Applications

    • Reliable and permanent sealing of trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheeting
    • Sound and thermal insulation
    • Roofing applications (roof ridge, eaves)
    • Facade (parapet connections)
  • Benefits

    • Exact fit and dimensions for every trapezoidal sheet
    • Fine cells with a consistent smooth surface
    • Permanently elastic as well as having form stability
    • Environmentally friendly - chemically neutral
    • Available with UV-resistant aluminium lamination
    • Fire protection class B2, B1 as a special property
    • Two-coloured for increased flexibility when installing
    • Conforms to the requirements of the new IFBS guidelines for joint tightness on lightweight steel constructions
    • High and regularly examined product quality
  • Description

    ISO-PROFIL filler strips are profile cut strips of high quality PE foam material. They are used in metal and industrial building structures to seal and insulate trapezoidal and wave profile sheets. They have the optimum form for a wide range of European manufactured trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheeting.

Orderidentifier Article Number Profile Stiffening corrugation Strength mm Unit
Kingspan 35 / 333 large 0080035333 Kingspan 35 / 333 large 30.0 1


Kingspan 35 / 333
Stiffening corrugation
Kingspan 35 / 333 large