Dry wall anchor KLA


  • Applications

    • Self-tapping fast anchor for fastening in drywall
    • Fireproof self-tapping anchor for standard-, double and composite walls made of plasterboard
    • For fastening electrical installations, for example
  • Properties

    • The fastest method for fastening lightweight objects. No special tools required, a PZ2 screwdriver suffices. Attach flush with the board surface, do not over-tighten
    • Equipped with a 4.5x35 mm screw, ZP. Can also be used with other self-tapping wood and chipboard screws, hook bolts and eyelets screws.
    • For dry indoor areas and outdoor areas for limited periods
  • Technical specifications

    • Max. clamp thickness Tfix: 12 mm
    • Min.  sheet thickness Tsheet,min: 9 mm

    To fasten plasterboards and plasterboard double walls, pre-drill with an 8 mm drill

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Dry wall anchor KLA