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EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF3-LT-2-5.5 KD16


  • Applications

    • For fixing facade pannels to 0.4 - 1.0 mm aluminium substructures with reduced swarf
    • Can be combined with LT fixed and sliding point sleeves
  • Properties

    • Pan head
    • To cover slotted holes and large pre-drill diameters
    • Also available as laquered version
    • Flat screw head for aesthetic facade design
    • Wobble-free fastening by using LT tool
    • Stainless steel with hardened steel drill point
    • Fastening with reduced swarf
  • Technical specifications

    • Diameter: 5.5 mm
    • Drilling capacity (tI pre-drilled) tII: 1.5 mm
    • Drive: Hexalobular drive T25
    • Head diameter: 16 mm
    • Head height: 2.0 mm


    Please note the respective approval of the facade panel and the assembly instructions of the manufacturer.
    JF screw requires more axial pressure than JT screw with classic cutting bit in order to penetrate component II.

    Processing information for sliding points on facade panels

    Stop fastening as soon as the screw head connects to the surface and turn the screw back a quarter turn in order to remove the clamp load from the connection.

Orderidentifier Article Number Length mm Unit
JF3-LT-2-5.5x30 KD16 7384212301 30.0 500


JF3-LT-2-5.5x30 KD16