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EJOT® self-drilling screw JT6-2/5-5.0 VARIO


  • Applications

    • To form floating and fixed points on substructures of rear-ventilated facades
    • Fastening pre-drilled stainless steel or aluminium wall brackets to aluminium support profiles

    Component assemblies checked with Rm (component II) ≥ 190, ≥ 215 und ≥ 245 N/mm2.  For bearing values, please refer to the general building authorities test certificate (abP) P-BWU02-178006.

  • Properties

    • A4 stainless steel with hardened drill point
    • One screw for all part combinations
    • Sliding washer E14, Ø 14 mm
    • Buffer zone between the screw head and sliding disk prevents excessive clamp load of the joint
    • Pre-assembled captive sliding washer
    • Consistently low contact pressure prevents stick-slip phenomenon
    • No stripping / destruction of the thread in component II resulting in high tensile loading capacity
    • High tensile and transverse load transmission in component II due to fine pitch thread
    • General building authorities test certificate (abP) as proof of usability according to DIN 18516-1 (also available as informal English translation)
    • Case hardened drill point of the JT6 version for fastening in steel support profiles (not part of the abP)
    • Wall brackets made of stainless steel and aluminium are part of the abP
    • Buffer zone serves as visual set control
    • Same assembly concept for floating and fixed points
  • Technical specifications

    • Diameter: 5.0 mm
    • Drilling capacity: 3.00 mm
    • Drive: Hexagon A/F8
    • Montagedrehzahl: 1500 1/min
    • Gleitscheibe E14, Ø 14 mm
Orderidentifier Article Number ø mm Length mm Fastener material Unit
JT6-2/5-5.0x30 VARIO 3598077991 5.0 30.0 Stainless Steel 500


Fastener material
Stainless Steel
JT6-2/5-5.0x30 VARIO