EJOT® Mat clip PV


  • Applications

    • Secure fastening of protective mats to mounting profiles on flat roofs

    Important notes

    • The roofing membrane may not be older than three years when installing the protective mat
    • Observance of the sensible thermal separation of the profiles,
    • because the protective mat clip only fixes the mat to the profile, a slipping of the installation cannot be eliminated and the installation has to be checked regularly,
    • Using a protective mat clip does not relieve the technician from the obligation to exercise due care and
    • the roofing membrane has to be clean, all foreign particles have to be removed before installation.
  • Properties

    • Not affected by outdoor exposure and environmental influences
    • A2 stainless steel
    • Uncritical contact with roofing membrane and protective mats
    • Slides easily on the roofing membrane during movements (e.g. linear expansion of the profiles)
    • Safe grip on the mounting body
    • Fish hook effect: The more the clip is loaded, the more aggressive the hooks grip the protective mat
    • Extra smooth reverse side, to prevent any indentations and impressions in the roofing membrane
  • Advantages

    • Very easy to slide on
    • Universal installation options
    • Excellent gripping properties
    • Easy subsequent installation for renovations


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