• Overview

    Depending on the purity grade, the following can be checked:

    • head diameter
    • head height
    • thread length
    • thread formed yes / no
    • external thread diameter and core diameter
    • thread pitch
    • partial thread length
    • drive formed yes / no
    • width across flats for hexagon drives
    • width across corners
    • head cracks
    • other sortable features

EJOMAT® - for reliable automated assembly

The screw joint plays an important role during assembly. To ensure that the fastening elements meet this important role by 100%, EJOT, as a system partner, assists the individual customer on the way to a "zero defect" strategy with technical know-how and high-quality fastening technology.

Quality right from the start

Our EJOMAT® quality begins early with cooperation between design engineers and our customer's assembly experts. As the design stage begins, with certain geometrical features of the fasteners, the tracks are laid to minimise down-time.

Clearly defined objective

With EJOMAT® a high sorted quality, problem-free assembly processes as well as improved results during automated fastening are possible, and maximum economic efficiency can be achieved.